Aliexpress Nigeria – How to buy online without Delay

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Shopping has been simplified and easy on Aliexpress portal, rather than doing the traditional way of shopping, where you go through stress and waste lots of time in the market. Kindly note that  Aliexpress has changed the whole process as they have made an available list of virtually human needs or wants on their page, after shopping you get every product delivered to your doorstep.

Right now, we know we are fixing confusion in you, as you would be wondering what Aliexpress is. Just like popular jumia, konga, jiji and every other online platform, Ali express is an online retail service based in China that is owned by the Alibaba Group. Launched in 2010, it is made up of small businesses in China and other locations, such as Singapore, that offer products to international online buyers.

Now that you know about Aliexpress, we know most of you would be wondering how legit or safe is it to order or shop from Ali express. But not to worry, in this article entails every single detail about Ali express that would clear your doubt. In case you are wondering how safe it is to shop in Ali express, this is just to give you an idea that Aliexpress reported over 25billion dollar in sales on every single day in 2017. If it’s not a legitimate online retail store people won’t purchase from them .

Aliexpress provides you the opportunity of buying products at low rate and cheap prices because you are buying directly from the manufacturers and the cost of production in China is a bit low. Although the purchase late is low, but the delivery time on the product is very high, the company takes 20 to 60 days to deliver products to customers. We know it’s a long time to wait, but the earlier you make your order the better for you, the latest or average time it takes to deliver is just 2 weeks.

How to buy from Aliexpress

Go to the website: to make an order, you can start by visiting the website page, the website  is

Read the products description: this helps a lot, as it gives you an idea of the product you are about to purchase, it’s quality, durability and also its delivery date.

Read the feedback section: for each product you are about to purchase, read the feedback or review section and see what other previous buyers have to say about such a product.

Click on “buy now”: after fully reading the feedback and about the product, you can thereby proceed to clicking on “buy now”. You will be asked to choose the color, sizes and the numbers of item you would like to purchase.

Fill the address section: after clicking on the “buy now” you will be directed to the address section, in this section you have to fill it carefully, as this is the address where your product would be delivered to, so it is advisable to avoid mistakes.

Tips about Aliexpress

Check the order details again: when you are done with the address, Ali express would give you the opportunity to check your orders again.

Make payment; after checking the order details, you would be taken to the next page which is making payment, you are required to choose the suitable option and make the payment, after entering your payment details, you click “Buy now”.


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