Bag of Rice Price in Nigeria (May 2020 Price List)

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Are you interested in knowing what bag of rice price in Nigeria 2020 is this month? If yes, then keep reading to find out more.

Rice is a very important food in Nigeria, virtually every Nigerian family eats rice at least thrice in a week, while most families prefer to have it as a Sunday recipe especially for lunch. Rice serves as a delicacy for special occasions or festive periods such as Christmas, Ileya, Easter, new year, and many other festive periods.

For many, rice has been considered as a luxury food.

Rice is undeniably an increasingly important in Nigeria, it is relatively easy to produce and is grown for sale, that is why we have foreign rice and Nigerian homegrown rice.

There are various brands of rice that has been in existence for a long period of time. Consumers buy various kinds of rice products due to the satisfaction they get from consuming it. Some of these brands are: Mama Africa, Mama gold, Mama Pride, Lake rice, Basmati rice, Ofada rice, Royal stallion, Anambra rice amongst others.

Our locally grown rice in Nigeria tastes good and is highly nutritious, although most Nigerians prefer foreign rice to our local homegrown rice. From the last report made in 2019, the effort showed that Nigeria produces 3.7 million tones of rice annually, this is great feedback from a developing nation like Nigeria.

Bag of rice comes in various sizes, each size depends on the amount spent in buying it, as the sizes vary. We have the smallest size, medium size, and large size. Each is produced according to their prices. But most Nigerian family prefers to buy the larger size as it lasts up for a long period of time.

Rice on its own is highly palatable that is why people never cease to consume it, unlike its competitor beans. There are various methods of cooking rice, you can decide to cook it white thereby using a very delicious stew to accompany it, you can also decide to cook it as Jollof (this is mostly used in occasions) it can be cooked as fried or even consumed with pepper soup. It can be made as coconut rice (although most people barely use this method) But the kind of rice largely consumed by Nigerians is “white rice”

As earlier stated, Nigerians prefer to eat foreign rice rather than lovely homegrown rice, this, on the other hand, prompted the government to carry out an action in other to increase the sales of the homegrown rice, they placed a ban on importation Bag of rice recently.

To this effect, the price of Nigerian rice reduced. Although each Bag of rice price depends on the size you are about to purchase.

Foreign and local Bag of rice price in Nigeria

In 2017/2018, there was a huge hike in the price of rice because of the high rate at Which every Nigerian purchased and consumed it.

A big thanks to the Nigerian government for the action taken, as it does not only reduces the Bag of rice price but also created employment in the country.

Below are the prices of rice in the Nigerian market and their sizes:

What is Bag of Rice Price in Nigeria 2020?

– 50kg Rice = N16,000 — N17, 000
– 25kg Rice = N7,500 — N8,500
– 10kg Rice = N3,000 — N3, 500

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