Cowrywise Investment: See Reviews and How to Login 

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Do you know that cowrywise investment is one of the online saving platforms making headlines in Nigeria? Check out reviews and login steps now.

Are you a reckless spender and you are looking forward to developing a saving culture, worry for more for cowry wise is the suitable platform to end your worries.

Cowrywise is a company that provides accessible savings and investment plans for all, its asset is held and monitored by Meristem Trustees Limited, an SEC-registered company. Their address is 5C Reverend Ogunbiyi Street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos Nigeria.

With cowrywise, you can plan towards goals, saving towards your future plans, get ready for unforeseen circumstances and star various investment plans. Saving in cowry wise is beginner friendly as it provides financial advice to you through its team of experts. Even if you have zero knowledge of their saving process, their team is ever ready to put you through.

Since cowry wise is a registered company, all your savings and investment are fully secured. With cowry wise, you get the best financial advice, without making it feel like a maths or further maths class. Their financial advisory are totally free, as you don’t have to pay for the consultation.

In cowries wise, you gave the opportunity to venture in different and various savings and investment plans, each of these plans are well structured to fit in your demands.

Cowrywise reviews

– periodic plans: on this plan of cowry wise, you stand a chance of saving towards your short term goals as the minimum duration is 3 months with a 10-15% interest per annum/yearly.

– Savings circle plan: one can likely refer to the savings circle plan to the local “Ajo or Esusu” people do back in these days, but in this case it is much more safer, and reliable.

The saving circle plan on cowrywise is a saving plan for a group of people, like family, friends, relations, etc. Ots plan has two packages which are: the collections scheme which is a group saving plan where only one person (the creator) has access to withdraw funds and the second is “the challenges”- the challenge is a group saving where every member save towards a specific goal and at the end of the challenge, the money is sent to individual accounts. Interest rates for this is at 10-15% yearly.

– Halal saving plan: this is majorly made for the Muslims, and any other people who wish not to get interest on their savings.

– Save as you earn: This is self-explanatory, as the name had explained itself. This plan enables you to save on cowrywise whenever you earn, that is as a salary worker, you get the chance to save every month end whenever you receive your salary, this type is quite simplified as it is not automated like others, in this, you get to save manually whenever you earn.

– Life goal plans: this plan enables you to save through cowrywise platform towards your long term goals, its minimum saving period is 1 year and you get an interest rate of 11-15% per yearly.

Cowrywise Login

If you want to login to your cowry wise account, kindly follow the insertion on the login portal, kindly note that you will have to sign up/complete online registration before you can sign in to your account.

Start saving your money today, so it can be useful to you when you in time of emergency. For more information about cowrywise today, kindly leave a comment below now.


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