Piggybank NG – 10 Things about www.piggyvest.com

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Are you interested in knowing more about Piggybank NG? if yes, then let us show you everything you need to know today.

Nigeria is is really not a bank as described but an innovative, digital, and new-school version of saving money with your confines without stress and limits.

Piggybank helps to curtain unnecessary spending and drill one to a motivated period target or goal. One of the most amazing thing about piggy bank that makes it more interested for users is the interest accumulated per annum on all savings made to ones piggy account.

Unlike the usual “Kolo” known as the traditional piggybank ng that allow you to cultivate a safe saving habit, this makes your saving worth the while.

The quest to tackle the huge issue of savings in Nigeria and maintain a disciplined saving culture has led  Somto Ifezue, Odunayo Eweniyi and Joshua Chibueze, to the realization that there is a  need for Africans at large to save a minimum of 40% of her monthly income in order to survive and to pay for every basics needs. As a result of this PiggyBank Nigeria came into existence in 2016.

www.piggyvest.com has a partnership deeds with United Bank for Africa (UBA), a renowned and trusted bank in Nigeria and Africa. This means that Piggy Bank Nigeria  do not have access to your savings directly  as funds are monitored and held by UBA.

About piggyvest NG account Nigeria

  1. Open an account ( you can run a multiple account with piggybank as each can be targeted towards different reasons- target savings, normal savings, group savings, investment and lot’ more)
  2. Start your account on www.piggyvest.com with any amount (100 naira til infinity).

And you have the benefit of:

  1. Get 10-14% interest p.a on your savings ( which can be spear over time on your money through a piggy flex account)
  2. Get to know about other investment opportunities to use money for and get the interest back.
  3. Getting a referral bonus ( for every new user that invest through your refaral link gets an#1000 bonus and you also stand a chance to claim your #1000 on every Friday as well).

There are some advantages piggy bank ng will give to you to aide easy and flexible saving culture.


Piggybank ng automatically debit a fixed amount of money (as set by the user) from a users debit card. the saving period can be customized to be daily, weekly or monthly.


Quick Save enables users add funds to their saving plans anytime and any day.


SafeLock works helps to fixed a lump sum from your core savings account which you cannot  access  until after a set period (10 – 1,000 days) which to a great extent depend on the duration of SafeLock and can earn as much as 34% interest.


Target Savings allows you save towards a personal or group goal and get paid 10% interest once you hit your target.


Fund withdrawal on Piggybank NG is absolutely FREE but works by dates with a choice of setting your own custom withdrawal dates or go by  Piggy bank’s withdrawal dates which can be at the end of the 3rd month you started your saving. The withdrawal is instantly paid into your provided account Number.


Flex Account is where all interests from your saving plans and targets are paid into. Earnings from this account can be withdrawn anytime and likewise, transferred to other saving plans.

PiggyBank Nigeria is available on Web, Android, and iOS that allows individuals with debit cards easily save and invest money and also withdraw money with ease.

How to Register on Piggybank NG

If you want to register on www.piggybank.ng which is now www.piggyvest.com, then you need to visit the official website on your browser, provide all the required details and click on the sign u button. Kindly ensure you keep your login details safe ans secure from third party.

Make sure you share this information today with your friends so as to help them cultivate a good saving habit. You will be helping your true friends secure a better future.

For more information about Piggybank NG online registration, kindly comment now.


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