POS Machine Price in Nigeria (FEB 2021) 10 Quality POS to Buy

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Do you want to see POS Machine price in Nigeria today? Check out the top 10 Quality POS to buy.

Often time, a POS (Point-of-Sale) transaction takes place between a merchant and a customer when a product or service is purchased by using a point-of-sale system (machine) to complete the transaction.

Pos machine has been of great help for business owners and to reduce the risk of going about with cash and propagating a cashless policy for all transactions.

It is no longer a news that most restaurants, business outlets no longer or to a bearest minimum do not accept money over the counter most especially during this covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

Pos machine prices in Nigeria are of different types and used for different purposes. It’s mostly used by;

Banks- to make a deposit into the card owner’s account or to make a withdrawal or transfer from the card owner’s account through the ATM card.

Supermarket/ supermall- to make transaction debits on the account over the goods and services purchased by the card owner.

Clubs/ Bar-it is essential to know that POS is needed for the purpose of transaction made of items purchased from the club or bars.

Restaurant-allow you to put in an order and track food inventory and food usage and can also be monitored

Retail POS allows the use of Credit card, Inventory tracking, Multi-store scalability, Color and size matrix, Product variants, Employee commissions, Customer database for gift, Purchase orders, Sales reporting.

There are different POS machines/system. There is the iPad POS, Mobile POD which is in a square like shape, Android POS, Web-Based POS, Traditional touch screen POS.

POS machine is the electronic equipment that performs day-to-day sales transaction and process credit card payments. POS software helps to manage everyday sales transactions and operations.

A point of sale machine is the heart of a business and used for many essential tasks to talk about a few such as inventory management, labor reporting, menu customization, price adjustments, staff management, sales reporting, customer management and marketing initiates.

There are different types of popular POS uses in different place and for different business set ups.

Latest pos machine price in Nigeria

Square is the best and the common pos machine for mobile businesses like food trucks and boutique retail shops

Vend offers a comprehensive and customizable point-of-sale suite solution for retail business. But you get in-depth inventory, customer, and accounting management in a professional and impressive package

Springboard Retail pos is built by retailers and its services include: inventory and cash drawer management, customer and employee tracking

Toast’s integrated POS software can help you build an inventory of loyal customers and craft messages and promotions to keep your guests happy and your business profitable.

Bindo is another iPad POS machine that boasts sophisticated but user-friendly management features. Kindly note that pos machine price in Nigeria for this very machine is cheap.

TouchBistro Restaurant POS tailored to restaurants, bars, and breweries.

The price of POS differs depending on the type of business and the number of terminals needed. for instance, if a small business with one POS machine pays about $900 for hardware and about $35 per month for a software subscription, the more other POS stations are added, the more the price will rise.

POS Machine

POS Machine price in Nigeria this month

Kindly note that many pos machines in Nigeria depend on quality and place of purchase.

Jumia, Konga may offer better pricing for pos in Nigeria.

It is also good to consider good networks and power supply mechanisms for the POS machine as it mostly comes with rechargeable batteries in it.

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