Singer Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria (FEB 2021) 10 stylish machines

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Singer sewing machine price in Nigeria is what you’ll see right firstly invented by Isaac Singer. After lots of challenges, the first singer sewing machine was invented in 1851.

For over 10 decades, singer sewing and embroidery machine have been known for the quality and durability the machine offers.

Singer has kept it’s a good name, and continues to produce reliable and stylish machines. If the old iron-made sewing machines could still have their place in the market then what about the new improved machine.

Singer sewing machine does not offer anything short of quality, so you have the perfect sewing and embroidery machine for your monogram, embroidery, and quilting.

Major types of Singer sewing machine

 Singer Electrical Sewing Machine

Most of  this high-quality singer sewing machine is electrical. It offers various sewing possibilities and is durable.

Singer Embroidery Sewing Machine

This singer embroidery machine varies from machines for monogramming to machines for large embroidery designs.

Singer Mechanical Sewing Machine

Most people would love to use this Singer sewing machine because they can easily control it since they provide power.

Singer Sergers

This machine is required for garment making.

Singer Sewing and Embroidery Combo

Most people would prefer a machine that can be used to sew and used to make embroideries. And that is what this singer machine type offers.
Singer products you would not regret considering


With Singer heavy duty 4423 sewing machine you can sew different things like quilting, decor and crafts.

You can also do a lot of other creative sewings as the sewing machine has stretch, basic and buttonhole stitches.

This sewing machine does not just have 23 built-in stitches it also has a 1,100 stitches per minute capacity. It is durable and has a 25 year warranty.


This Singer sewing machine is portable and suitable for beginners. It is also cheap and easy to use with it’s automatic needle threading system.
It has 6 built-in stitches with pre-set lengths and width setting, making it easy to select a stitch type.

It has a high speed 1,100 stitches per minute and helps you meet your sewing schedules fast. It has a 25-year warranty.


This sewing machine is beginners friendly and easy to use, it is light enough to be carried from room to room.

It features a changeable tension settings, a presser foot lifter, a built-in reverse system, a hassle-free threading, a automatic bobbin winding capability and the Easy Stitch Selection.

It has a 6 pre-installed stitches with a built-in 4 step Buttonhole, together with pre-set stitch widths and stitch lengths.


This sewing machine has a large selection of stitches and offers different methods of sewing be it decorations, crafting or clothes. It has 100 built in : 76 decorative stitches, 9 basic stitches and 8 stretch stitches. It also rooms for 13 needles and 7 automatic buttonhole.

All you have to do is press a button and select the type of stitch you want. There are automatic settings for tension, length and width, all this can, however, be adjusted with changeable stitch length and width. It also comes with a 25 years warranty.


The singer quantum stylist 9960 computerized portable sewing machine has the highest number of built-in stitches at 600 built-in stitches. This very Singer sewing machine features a 13 1-step buttonholes, a buttonhole under the plate, a 5 alphanumeric fonts, a mirror imaging that reverses your designs and a stitch elongation.

It has a high sewing rate at 850 stitches per minute.
Other amazing products includes

  • SINGER Futura XL400
  • SINGER Sewing 4432 Heavy Duty Extra High
  • Speed Sewing Machine
  • SINGER 3323S Talent Portable Sewing Machine
  • SINGER 2259 Portable Sewing Machine

Singer sewing machine price in Nigeria

Kindly note that the current Singer sewing machine price in Nigeria starts at N32,000 – N36,000. However, you need to kindly note that the price may differ depending on the stores and time of purchase.

You can buy this sewing machine from stores like Jumia Nigeria. For more information about Singer sewing machine price in Nigeria, kindly comment and share this information.


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